Mumbai, home to more than 12 million people, is suffering devastating flooding as relentless monsoonal storms and downpours plague the area. Parts of the beleaguered city, already stricken by the coronavirus pandemic, are underwater as flooding rains continue. Wednesday was the second-wettest day in recorded history at one weather station in the southern part of Mumbai.

This year’s Asian monsoon has been particularly severe. Millions were displaced in China, and up to a third of Bangladesh was flooded as river levels soared. Severe flooding displaces millions in China and Bangladesh as the monsoon wreaks havoc.

In Mumbai, the monsoon has turned streets and highways into river rapids, with strong winds toppling trees. Up to 60 percent of the city’s population lives in slums, highly susceptible both to natural disasters, like flooding, and to the coronavirus.

A recent report found that more than half the residents of Mumbai’s slums had contracted the coronavirus, though most were asymptomatic. It is believed that greater population density and shared facilities in slums make them especially susceptible to the virus.

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